Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Intentions review for April

It's horrible.
It takes me a LONG time to get back on track after I break.
(Maybe breaks are not that good?)
It's been cold.
Nothing like Spring here should be,
Anyway, whatever the reason 
the number of check marks on my tracking sheets is way down from March.
May seems to be starting out better.
I can only hope.

As far as stitching goes I managed to do four things from the list.
I have spent most of my stitching time working on Nora's stocking.
I did take one thing off the list (and one more off the gigantic list.)
I got out the book for the Civil War Letters,
intending to foundation piece them.
Had to read up on how to do that first.
I've had the fabric for forever.
Then I realized 
they are 6" blocks
some have 30-40 individual pieces.
No way do I want to do that!
So, the fabric was added to the drawers to be used, 
and the book returned to the cases.
The same is true of the Farmer's Wife quilt.
I sometimes think,
maybe someday.

The house is still a work in progress,
a friend heard that I was giving away my Town of Kansas Research
and wanted it
So as I clean my horridly messy office
I will box it up for him.

Basically, I'm kind of depressed at how little I managed to DO in April.

The stitching list for May:
Tanya's Black and Gold quilt. 
(Which will only get finished if I actually work on it!)
Civil War Sampler blocks
an old UFO
2 Granny blocks in pink
8 sheets of tumbler blocks in pink
A bag for my kindle
9 patches as leaders and enders
Begin Steve's Dragon
Table runner kit
Nora's sock
15's Missouri puzzle 

As for other stuff
Finish a deep clean/purge of the house
Wash the windows and blinds
Design and begin gardens.

Oh, and take Ceili out for a spin at a campground!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Zoo Day!

Ryan "riding" a polar bear.  They have animals placed throughout the zoo to climb on.
 This past Sunday I laid out my plans for the day.

Then I got a Text message from Scott- Did I want to go to the Zoo with Ryan and him?
Well, it only took about two seconds for me to type YES back to him.
I have a motto-people before projects!

The Kansas City Zoo is home to two polar bears, two species of Penguins, river otters and kangaroos!  It's a big place (200Acres) and has many more animals than those I listed (including a baby chimpanzee and a baby giraffe.)

We saw the otters first, the one that was out really wanted back inside! But came to check out the people quite close to the glass.  I love to watch them swim but this one was just hanging out, people watching.

We saw the polar bears next, only one was out but it was swimming and the enclosure is designed (as are the enclosures for the otters and penguins) so that you can look both above the water and below.  Ryan enjoyed looking at the bears.
Ryan used Granna's big camera to take this one!  We won't talk about the ones  he missed!
 Once he got accustomed to the place he was off and running (literally) a small hurricane that Scott and I could barely keep up with!

The Orangutans were quite busy as well.  The youngest climbing the poles higher and higher.  While Scott and I admired his skill I think we were both glad that Ryan couldn't use his feet to climb so high.

Next up was snakes.  Nuf said.

There is a narrow gauge train that takes a big loop around the upper part of the zoo.  I knew from bringing the other boys that we would need to ride THAT!  Under the tunnels, through the Australia exhibit and back to the beginning.

Then we were off to see the kangaroos!  You just walk through the enclosure for the kangaroos. They were too busy eating, lying about and jumping off to notice a small google-eyed boy!

I know the zoo fairly well and closing time was fast approaching so we avoided the monster play ground and headed back the way we'd come to ride the carousal-Ryan picked a kangaroo! His eyes were SO big going around, and a bit anxious that Daddy might have moved!

Then we were off and running to the Penguins! And the jelly fish - a Ryan favorite-and the"Dory" fish and the "Nemo" fish.  After making our way through that exhibit, at least twice it was time to call it a day.

Next visit maybe we'll head to the African plains.

Ryan and the Penguins play rock.
Starvation had set in and we were off to dinner followed by ice cream.

So glad I choose people over projects, look what I'd have missed!

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Last Saturday for yellow!
Finished up 24 yellow tumblers.
I have more strips cut but not enough variety for the tumblers.
The strips will be added to orange or cream
I did make some yellow 9 patches 
there's so little difference in the shades that I'll be taking them apart.
Then I'll add white, cream or orange to them

I haven't been sewing much this week.
Guess I just needed a break.

Planning the gardens I'll put in this summer.
One of many decisions I made this week.
I hadn't planned to add gardens 
I'll be here several more years and I just
 live happily without digging in the dirt!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Another week

Since I last posted.
Busy cleaning,
watching Little League games,
moaning about the icky weather.

The cleaning will never be done-
A couple of times a year I try to really deeply clean everything.
I've been in this house over a year now
haven't done it once.
Not making much progress either.
Oh, well.
It's still going to be there.

I have managed to stretch all my muscles four of the last six days.
Which is real progress.
The key seems to be doing it first thing after breakie, 
before I get started on something else.

The weather has come around some.
So Quinn and I are managing a walk most days as well.

I'm working on some menu plans.
I find cooking for one quite a challenge.
Plus there's the whole healthy diet thing.
Which by the way comes at a cost.
I don't mean financial either-although that's true as well.
It comes at the cost of joy.
I love to bake but all this weight loss, 
healthy diet stuff has taken all the joy out of it.
Well, out of any cooking really.
And replaced it with guilt.
I wonder if any of the weight loss gurus realize this.

I've spent a lot of my evenings cross-stitching.
Nora's sock is coming along!

In fact I'll be beginning the backstitching soon.

I've finished two blocks for Tanya's black and gold quilt.
Only 40 more to go!

Gold has turned out to be tricky.
A large piece can read gold and look yellow once it's cut.
Still I think it will be a stunning quilt when finished.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Time evaporated!

I took the last stitches in the binding of G2 last night!
Tossed it in the washer and dryer.
I missed a couple of hanging threads
will have to take care of that.
I will send Nora a photo of both Grannies
 and then send her favorite to San Diego.
The other will go to Maddie in Montana.
I hope they both enjoy them.
Actually, gushing would be lovely!

Last week was brutal.
Makes me appreciate those middle school (and high school) teachers
who repeat themselves 6 (or 7) times each day!
It's exhausting.
I required a nap nearly everyday.
It didn't leave much energy for much of anything else.

So, NOW I am majorly behind.
House is a mess.
Time to Spring clean/purge though so it will straighten out.
Spent HOURS yesterday in the studio.
Without taking many stitches.
Moving furniture.
Still have a bit to do today.
After a trip to the Post Office to mail my taxes.
Could have sent them electronically but they wanted my
driver's license number!
Homeland wants to pair them up to Social Security numbers.
Supposedly, to help prevent identity theft.
I don't trust them to only do that!
There was no way to OPT out on line.
Funny as the paper documents didn't even ask for it.

I certainly hope it's not a week before I get back here!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Talking too much!

Most days the only one I talk to is the dog.
Quinn doesn't talk back so the conversation is limited.
This past week (and the next one) has been spent talking.
To 8th graders.
6 groups a day,
About Diaries, letters and recollections of those that traveled the Oregon/California trails.
A subject I truly love.
That said, My throat is sore from overuse!!
By the coming Friday I shall not be able to do more than whisper at this rate.

In spite of all that talking 
I have managed to a bit of stitching.

I'm all caught up on the Granny Squares for Rainbow Scrap Challenge!
The colors look better in person, sigh.
I also made a mat for under Jill the Janome.
I didn't make this one as fancy as the other 
I didn't add the small front pockets on it as I never use them on Belle's mat.

So that's three things from that terribly long list!
I've worked on Nora's Stocking most days 
Scanned in more photos most days 
Worked on Family History most days.
All in all a pretty productive week.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Looking back-looking forward

Looking back over March at my progress on the Intentions list.
Results are mixed.
Some things are nearly habits,
 Still it lifts my spirits to see all those little checks!
Others, I manage part of the time.
Many, I never manage, sigh.
Looking at April.
I'll attempt to add a few more this month.
In reality I know that I will NEVER do all of them EVERY day.
That's okay.
I try not to beat myself up about things.
I can be my own worst enemy!

In the stitching area.
I was productive.
That said I didn't manage to get to everything on my goal list.
Again, I don't really expect to.
I keep a list so that I don't even have to THINK about what to do next.
Keep that in mind.

Here's the LIST for April:
Finish G2
Finish the machine mat for Jill the Janome.
Piece (at least) Tanya's Black and Gold quilt
Make 8 (that's 2 a week) Civil War Letters blocks. (Foundation pieced?)
Make 8 tumbler sets for RSC-this one depends on my having enough yellow/gold.
Make 2 Granny blocks for RSC 
Catch up Granny blocks-blue and purple.
Keep making 9 patches for RSC-leader/ender
Begin Steve's Dragon
15 minute projects:
Missouri Puzzle hand quilting WISP
Civil War Sampler blocks WISP
Add hexes (2 a day) to Gail's Wildflower Garden WISP
Kindle bag

Cross-stitch- Nora's Stocking

Dollhouse-exterior and roof

With all those on my list I should also say that for the next two weeks
I will be giving talks on Oregon/California Trail Diaries, Letters and Recollections to
8th graders at the trails museum.
  6 groups a day for 8 days!
Poor Quinn.
She'll be alone a lot.
Will need much "Mom" time!