Friday, February 16, 2018


Never go there and expect to get any rest!
Kidney stone surgery went well, I guess.
I was quite doped up most of yesterday for pain,
So mostly I attempted sleep.
I don't think I got a full 1.5hour rem cycle in at anytime!
For example, at 3am they came to suck blood-had to stick me three times to find any!
As soon as I was disconnected from everything medical I felt much better and haven't had any pain meds since 5am.  I've been catching many Z's here at home on the couch!
Doc said the stone was nearly 2cm which is quite large and told Beth it was good that I had taken it out as it was pressing on the kidney.

I spent most of the week getting ready for recovery.
And that's what I'm doing-recovering.
So glad it's over and I don't have to think of it any longer!

Don't think I'll make it to the studio for a few days, but when I do it'll be back to the Grannies!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

New Quilting Project

Granny Squares!

These are for two purple and pink quilts for two eight year olds!
Nora, of course, and Maddie who has been loving the quilt I sent her Mother last year. 
So one will find it's way to Southern California and the other to Montana.
I have well traveled quilts.
I have to say these blocks are BIG, quick and fun.

 I've also made a few, very few, purple tumblers.
I don't have a great deal of variety in purple but I will make up a few more this week.

(Sorry the photo colors are off-the studio's in the basement!  The light is not great even with flash!)

Also, Ryan likes his new blue and green blanket!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Another Friday Finish!

Ryan's Trip Around The World!

I've done little else this week besides work on this one.
I'll be taking it to him tomorrow-
weather permitting.
I hope he likes it.

Quinn wanted to be photographed today-
it's rare to have her sit so still for very long!

So that's the last of the Trips.
At least for now.

Next up 
Three, possibly four granny quilts.
I pieced the first block last night.
They won't be coming quite as fast as the Trips have though.

I have surgery scheduled to remove the kidney stone on the 15th.
Overnight in the hospital,
and soreness for a while.
Don't know if I'll want to sit at the machine.

Really a bit concerned that this year is going to be one health issue after another.
Overall, I'm quite healthy so it's just these annoying things which require medical intervention.
I'm very proactive about this stuff-want it taken care of ASAP!
(Which explains why I had my left eye lens lazered this morning!
Turns out that 1 in 5 have a film develop behind the replacement lens after Cataract surgery-of course, I'd be one.)

Sunday, February 4, 2018

What I Learned. . .

Making Trip Around the World Quilts.
Mostly this is for me, just in case I ever make another one!
If helps anyone else that's great.
These are fun, easy quilts to make.
It's very versatile and fabric placement makes for very cool arrangements.

After you've put your design on graph paper
 divide it into 4 parts based on the way the colors slope.

Be sure you have enough fabric.
(Seriously, discovering that you are out of fabric 3/4's of the way
just makes for frantic Shop Hops and OOPS ordering on line)

I made quilts that are 66 x 90 inches.
There are 1480 2 1/2 inch squares in them.

If you're making the variegated quilt where only 6 fabrics are used. 
 You need 242 squares of each fabric.
I looked that up in my handy dandy little book and it says 1 3/4 yards are needed.
One little trick here-make up a "cheat sheet" for the stitching order in a row by
assigning each fabric a number and attaching a scrap fabric to paper in stitching order.
Then fill the design with the numbers.
(So much simpler than trying to copy the pattern from across the room!)

If you're making the fat strips of color
 (random, sort of, fabrics within that color)
you need 12-14 different fabrics in each color
about 1/2 yard each.

Layout strip sets 9 at a time
but only sew 8 leaving the last one for the next set.
Makes deciding on the fabric placement easier.
(I tried to keep one fabric from butting up against itself.)

Make some numbered pins.
(I just used a black marker and added the number to those long ones with the large flat top.)
Place one of those pins in the top square of a strip.
Use a double stick-in and out twice.
(That way they don't fall out!)

Press the odd numbered rows down and the even ones up so that they nest.
Another reason for only doing 8 rows.
Take the numbered pin out and lay it on the board 
 next to the square it came out of.
You have no idea how easy it is to forget which end goes up!

Put reference pins in.
I used the top block in the first row for each set.

Sew all the strips sets into rows (4)
don't sew the rows together yet.
(Mistakes are easier to fix! There Will Be Mistakes!)

Pin the rows up on the design wall and look at them for a couple of days
 from across the room!
Mistakes will just POP out at you!

Starch the top and the backing.
Especially if using flannel
Not so much stretch that way.

For this size quilt you need 9-10 width of fabric strips for the binding.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Finish!

First up,
Ethan's Trip!
Fire and Drama. . .
Just like Ethan!

Next up. . .

Ryan's Trip progress.
Three Quarters finished.
I hope to finish the top this weekend.
Crossing my fingers.
I'd hoped to have it completely finished by Feb 10 
As I'm off to Columbia that day and could deliver it
Even if I get the top done this weekend
The backing made and sandwiched
It takes me at lest 5 days to quilt one of these.
So the 10th is unlikely.

I've made several blue 9 patches
and some blue and purple tumblers this week.
More of those to come.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Medicine Wheel National Monument, Wyoming USA

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."
--Beverly Sills

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Intentions Progress

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions 
for the past couple of years I've made a list of Intentions.
Part of it is just a list of things I need/want to do 
and as such only gets updated as I work on them.
There is a section for things I really want to incorporate into my life or thought patterns.
Some health related-like losing weight (i'm happy to say I didn't gain any in January which is always a month for calorie laden comfort foods.)
Those things I'm tracking daily.
what you track and measure is what you value.
Some of them are quick like a bunny things,
like making the bed and taking my meds,
those get done nearly every day.
Some are longer.
Like playing the piano,
and taking a walk.
Some haven't been done at all!
Some only sporadically-it's been far too cold to walk!
Over all though I'm really pretty pleased with my progress.
Especially since I've quit binge reading!
The fact that photos are being scanned is entirely due to this list.
I hope that February sees some more regularity in some things 
and the addition of some of the others
without losing anything I seem to have a handle on.

Tomorrow, I have one of those health related things.
An appointment with the Urologist for my Kidney stones.
Wish me luck.