Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another one begins!

This one is for Kolby who loves bright greens!
It seems BIG after the last one!
2.5 inch squares this time.

I fixed this board covered with batting to lay out the blocks for a Trip Around the World.
I know people do the strip set and cut them apart but I can never get the strip set sewn evenly.
I prefer to cut the squares and sew them together.
It does make for a LOT of cutting before beginning.
I've finished the first row on my homemade chart and begun the second, being extra careful of all those corners meeting!
 I'm stitching the blocks together as 
each one is finished, otherwise I'd have them all in a jumble.

It seems like all I do is sew at the moment-oh well, I am working setting up the
new studio a bit each day and pulling up nasty carpet a bit each day.
It's too hot to do much of anything and even though I miss it 
I am glad I do not have gardens at this house!

Friday, July 21, 2017


First, I finished sewing down the binding on Suzie's Sparkling Nines!
The color was better in the next picture, guess the sun washed it out!

Above was a closeup of the front and here's the back!

I got creative and used up all the blocks I had left over, save one which I made into a mug rug.
Don't know how I managed but I got the nine patches on the back lined up with the ones on the front and the quilting was where it should be!

 Closeup of the center back.
Used up quite a bit of the stash on this one.

The next one is cut and I started on it tonight, perhaps I'll show that tomorrow!

The second finish is the painting in the basement!
Should anyone be considering this I highly recommend having it sprayed!
My shoulders, wrist and hand have been very sore.

Quinn is trying to stay cool-as am I and it isn't easy!
Her best friend, Zoe, has come for a couple of weeks while her family is on vacation.
Usually, Zoe is a nervous wreak when they leave her but this time she's been very, very calm!
Hoping it stays that way!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

They Paint Too!

Left to right:  Brayden, Kolby and Ethan

I told you about my oh so cute mowing crew, 
well, did you know they also paint?
(Kolby thought we were painting pictures-he was shocked that we were painting walls!)
They are just getting started but they painted the whole wall they are working on here, plus another short wall on Thursday.  
Before we ran out of paint!
Then a short wall plus on Friday-they were tired.
I know how they feel.
They all used a roller as well as a brush, even Ethan!
Paint got on the floor.
So what!
I'll be painting the cement floor later anyway.
During one of their breaks Brayden asked what the I-beam was.
I told him it held up the weight of the house.
So, he wanted to know if it was okay to swing from it!
I asked if he thought his weight would bring the house down on us!
Little monkeys played at hanging from it for a bit, 
then went back to paint.

Their Daddy said I had more patience than him-I just knew they needed
something to do while at my house and paint on the wall is paint on the wall no matter how it gets there!
I'm putting the second coat on now.
Will need to more paint yet.
That masonry just slurps it up.
First step of new studio will be done this week.
Then it's on to painting the floor (after first etching and priming it.)

I'm also bringing empty totes and holiday boxes up to the garage.
Don't want to move things around more than necessary!

I'm off now to sew the binding on Sparkling Nines-it's really quite hot to have a quilt on your lap!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Brilliant Idea--NOT!

I've been in this house now for about seven months.
I've mostly found everything, mostly.
I've hauled away a lot of "Stuff" as donations.
(More to come-I have a goal of reducing my "Stuff" by 50%.)
I've figured out that in spite of a wonderful walk-in closet my studio 
just doesn't work.
Plus, I really miss having a dedicated office space.
Having all the flotsam and jetsam of life 
plus all the research stuff scattered about the house
leaves me scattered as well.
I have an unfinished basement
of about 800 square feet.
Moving the studio into that space and the office into the current studio is underway.
First, I need to make the basement more habitable without spending 
a small fortune!
Paint is always the go to for me so I decided to paint the walls and the ceiling.
Complete with pipes, wires and HVAC vents.
Yeah, well, NO!
I spent several hours priming pipes, vents, etc so they would hold paint on Sunday.
Yesterday, I spent most of the day painting this!
Not even a quarter of the ceiling done.

That's as far as I got before my shoulder (and other body parts) just gave up.
Apparently, in my 6th decade I cannot do what I did in my 3rd decade!
I knew that.
Sort of.
I forget though.
New plan for the ceiling is needed.
I have an idea but I want to see if its possible first!
First now, comes paint on the walls.
Paint on the floor.
Possibly an electrician to add outlets.
Then the ceiling.
I want to cover the ceiling but still be able to access everything mechanical.
While a drop ceiling would be lovely it's too many dollars!

On other fronts,
I've finished the quilting on Sparkling Nines-only binding to go!
I've done a bit of yard work,
and nearly have the garage clean!

Suffering through 95F (35C) with heat indices of 105 F (40C).
Breathing water it's so humid.
I really can not wait for fall.

Monday, June 26, 2017

My mowers!

Ethan helping Lucas mow.
Several weeks ago Brayden sent me a text message wanting to know
if I had any work for the two bigger boys.
It seems they want to buy a trampoline and
Daddy had finally said yes.
IF they saved the money.

So they've been losing my grass.
It came at a good time for me since I am still indoor living.
Brayden wasn't feeling well this last time but
normally he'd be out there.

Anyway, I have the cutest lawn service anywhere!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Brain storms!

Tablecloth clip

I've  been fighting the pin basting of Sparkling Nines 
(thank you for that name Ann!)

I don't have floor space large enough to pin that way~
Not to mention my creaky old knees!
Anyway, I baste on my table.
A soft yellow pine trestle table that my father made back in 1967~ 
think it qualifies as an antique?
Its so soft that if you write on paper without something under it you have your shopping list immortalized in wood.
That being the case several years ago I bought a piece of heavy glass to cover the top.
All well and good 
Fabric slips and slides all over the place!
I finally had all the layers flat (I thought) and most of the pins in when I discovered~
You guessed it huge wrinkles in the backing.
Out came all the pins.
I needed a way to make the layers stay put until I had the pins in.
Then I had an idea!
Oh no, not that!
I could use the clips I have for holding tablecloths on picnic tables!
Problem with that 
Mine are in the trailer, sigh.
Quick trip to Walmart.
Much walking around inside.
Finally found them in Sporting Goods!
They came in packages of 6 so I bought 3 thinking I might need 18.
Used 17.
I thought I might have a whole lot of tablecloth clips if this didn't work 
but they were inexpensive so why not?

This the the way the quilt looked when all the layers where put together.

First, I used the clips to flatten the back out and hold it in place.
Then I laid out the batting.
No slipping.
Reached under the batting to carefully move the clip to include the batting.
Laid the top on.
No slipping.
Smoothed out the top, carefully moved the clips again.
 Only problem, 
My fingers are sore!
This was pretty tight!

Once pinned I took a look at the back~

I will definitely do this from now on, so much simpler.

My brainstorm actually worked!
(That hardly ever happens.)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lots of stitching going on!

Finished this top today!
All those 2 inch squares worked into something pretty nice.
I hope the person I made it for likes it.
The back is nearly ready to go as well,
then it'll be on to sandwich and quilt!
Perhaps I'll have it finished in the next week?

The last two days were just horridly hot and humid.
The nights brought major thunderstorms,
leaving many without power.
Not here in Greenwood though,
Although it did rain enough to wash the starling nest out of the gutters!
Last night's storms came with a cool front dropping us out of the 90's!
All the heat and with issues still remaining from asthma-
I tried Kolby's baseball game on Wednesday (it was a great game, they won) 
but it was a no go as far as enjoying the out of doors!
Call to the doctor resulted in a new prescription but
the pharmacy is awaiting insurance approval.
(When did insurance company employees-who didn't go to medical school-get to dictate medical care?  I find that annoying.)
BUT,  all the inside time led to the above top being finished.

I also worked in the garage, sigh, will it never end?
and began pulling up carpet.
I think taking out the carpet will help with the allergies and it's original to the house.
So some 25 years old.
You would not believe the dirt under it!
That's another project that will be with me a while.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dance recitals, Flying and Sharks

Nora in her Tap costume!

I'm home from San Diego now, kinda missing them already!
On Saturday and Sunday Nora had dance recitals-Ballet on Saturday, Jazz and tap on Sunday.
She looks so old all decked out with make up and everything!
Both recitals were quite good and lots of fun.
The littles are always so cute!

At Rubios she kept us quite entertained with the veil on her hat!
After Sunday's recital and Diner at Rubios we went for another walk on the beach.
Out to some of the tide pools, got good and wet!
Then it was off for more dessert! 
I should have gained 5 pounds but I guess all the walking kept that down, whew.

I flew home on Monday.
Left the hotel wearing a tank, overshirt and sweatshirt.
Temp in the 60's I think.
Arrived back in Kansas City to 90's and humidity.
Shed clothes down to the Tank.

For the first time in many trips I had a window seat and with the eye surgery I could see
all the drainage and rocks clearly.
Really incredible views.
Left the high desert of San Diego where things are brown unless watered 
and flew into the green.
Watched the section lines appear as roads straight as can be.
Then the appearance of the rivers with trees on both sides.
I do love the green.

Yesterday, and today I have Mr Ethan for a few hours.
He is a shark!

I'm back to trying to establish reasonable habits for a healthy lifestyle,
This week I'm all about creating good sleep habits!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Friday-San Diego

First thing Friday morning was breakfast with Steve!
Always good to have time with one of my children.
And the food was pretty good!

Then I was off to one of my places-
Rosies Calico Cupboard quilt shop!
The fabric in the top photo came home will me,
The top four are destined to be part of the Lucy Boston 
The purple, well, hum. I'm not a huge fan of purple.
I don't have much in my stash and I have a couple of projects that
I will want purple for.
And the Violets are so sweet.

After a trip back to the hotel for the camera I was off to 
Cabrillo National Monument.
Another of my favorite places in San Diego.
High on a peninsula west and south of downtown I always see things I haven't seen before!

Tall grasses with San Diego Harbor in the background.

Cruise ship coming into port!

The historical Point Loma Lighthouse.
I've taken a ton of pictures of this light and still I take more!
This is from the sea side.
When you move from the east side to the west this is what you see.

The Pacific Ocean!

After finding my way back to my hotel I meet up with Steve, Candice and Nora for dinner.
We sat on the patio at the Fish Market-I think we were hanging over the water of the 
Watched ships - a Navy tanker coming into port, a Navy destroyer headed out to sea, 
a refrigerator ship also going out and numerous 
harbor cruises- very nice.

After that we hit another place I love
La Jolla Shores beach for a long walk on the sand as the tide came in.

Followed that up with dessert at this marvelous cafe which is famous for it's fancy desserts.
Trying to choose just one is next to impossible!
I had a lemon bar-mostly because it was smallish but also because I love lemon bars.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

At the last minute

I finished one final doll outfit for Nora.
I would have finished more but this one was time consuming!
Of course as I was nearly finished I found no buttons for the jacket
(I have jars and jars of buttons but none small enough for this)
so I had to make yet another trip to Joanns!
Nora's Mother is quite a good cook so I thought a chef's outfit appropriate.

I've also been working on assembling all those nine patches into bigger nine patches!

When you are just randomly picking up a block from either blue or green they
sometimes look a bit ugly!
Put together they begin looking pretty good.
This is a good project for when I'm slightly tired but still want to sew.

I've made more trips to doctors in the past two weeks than I care to think about!
I had to go back to primary care as I found a tick imbedded in my back.
And it had a big red rash around it!
Double EEK!
Ticks carry some nasty diseases, the worst of which is Lyme disease.
I have never had a reaction to a tick bite before so the doc and I decided we would both feel better if she looked at it even though Missouri is not known to have many cases of Lyme.
I don't have it either, which is good news and I will take Benadryl until the itching stops.
The strange thing is I have no idea where it came from as I have been staying inside, 
so either Quinn or Ethan brought it into the house. 

After that appointment I went shoe shopping~ always a dismal event~ I wanted some
cute summer sandals.
Apparently, the shoe manufacturers and I have differing opinions on what makes a cute shoe!
After that I stopped at my local Quilt shop, Quilter's Station!
This fabric followed me home!

A few fat quarters that will hopefully find their way into a Lucy Boston quilt in the near future.

In the morning I'm off to San Diego, CA for a few days with Steve, Candice and Nora!
Quinn is staying at her BFF's (Zoe, Beth's Golden)house.
Where she is sure to have good time!
I'm leaving fairly early so she's gone already-it's way to quiet without her!
Also, I will miss taking her to the dog beach!

More tomorrow from the West coast!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sewing and other stuff

I've been placed on house arrest!
By my allergies and asthma.
Doc says I need to stay inside, air conditioning on until things level out.
(which could be first frost in October)
New allergy meds.
Steroid inhaler too!
I hate being cooped up but at least I will get some sewing done.

More doll clothes for Nora!

And more yet to make-sort of fun, sort of frustrating!

I've also been assembling the blue and green squares into nine patches.
One or two more days and all the strips I have will be made up 
Then I'll begin making nine patches of the nine patches!

I'm hooking up with Chookyblue for this weekends celebration of 5 years in the Chookshed!
Since I'm being forced to stay in I can at least share my stitching for the next few days!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Trip Planning!

I am beginning to plan a trip!
Guess where!
It will be this time next year, at the earliest or perhaps next September.
Amazon delivered the first guide book today which I hope will help me decide where I want to go exactly, Australia is a very large place.

One little doll outfit finally finished!
I have two more needing only a bit of hand work.
There's one more outfit cut out as well.
Tomorrow I'll be finishing up and cutting out more.
Hope Nora likes all these!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Patterns!

I added some new patterns to my collection!  Just what I needed-more projects!
Chookyblue will be happy to see that I broke down and ordered the Lucy Boston book and templates.
Now to find fussy-cutable fabrics, that may take a while.

The other book in this photo is also English Paper Piecing designs and patterns.
I do like doing English Paper Piecing as they are so portable. 
And the designs are forgiving.

On the camping trip I went into Carrolton and visited a new quilt shop, these three patterns
along with a few fat quarters came home with me.
All of them will help me use up my scraps!

The last pattern is for a Christmas Swap or for me if there isn't a swap.
I have a feeling a couple of my girls might want one as well.

I have been sewing most every night, 
working on a quilt for a friend in blue and green.
I've also been making doll clothes.
I swear they are just as time consuming as clothes for people!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Long over-due post!

I've been quite absent from blogville lately! 
 So sorry!
Sometimes I just don't have any thing to share, sigh.
Last weekend I went camping with Beth, Lucas and the boys (also Quinn and Zoe.)
It was interesting.
First off I tried really hard to beat the incoming rain to the caves where Ceili is stored.
I almost made it.
So, hooking her up to the truck was accomplished during pouring rain!
A feat made more difficult due to battery deadness. It charged.
I have a power tongue jack and while you can raise and lower it manually it isn't easy-
especially since I'm short.
End result was that I was drenched to the skin and
the dogs had fogged up the windows with their panting!

Arrived at Wallace State Park and after much trial and error with Lucas 
FINALLY got Ceili backed into my site.
Did you notice I said BACKED?
On my own I always get a pull-through.

Rained off and on Friday and Saturday but it did stop long enough for a campfire
and S'mores!

Missouri has average rainfall of 34 inches a year. 
(Only 6 inches less than "rainy" Seattle!)
Scott says it's basically a swamp with a few feet of dirt on top.

All that rain is great for vegetation!
This is the view from the back of my campsite.

In another month the green will be darker and the forest impenetrable.

Filled with trees, shrubs and lots of

 Poison Ivy!  
The great giver of itchy rash-
and for those foolish enough (or extra allergic) to touch the leaves and then touch you face
eyes swollen shut. 
Happened a couple of times to me!
In really allergic folks it can cause the throat to swell shut.
Then it's off the to Emergency Room for treatment.

There's a lovely lake at the park.
In search of 10,000 steps we all set off on foot .
Once at the lake we took the path around it-Yes, it was muddy!

Kolby admiring nature below the dam.

Ethan, always on the look out for fish.

I think Brayden might be getting a tan on those winter white legs!

This is where Ethan always is-running way out in front!
Dang, I wish I could bottle some of his energy!
Those way out in front missed out on the amazingly HUGE frog I saw-big as my hand.
We hit the road back to the trailer-ALL up hill, even the dogs were dragging tail.

This being my first time out it was a shake down, clean Ceili trip.
Loading all the stuff in I had taken out last fall.
Only a few more things are needed.
Mostly, propane!
I was completely out!
Will get some on the way out of town on my next camping adventure.

Got home in time to buy a pizza, shower and crash!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Yesterday was a very BIG day for our family!
This woman graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Missouri-Kansas City!
We are all so happy for her and proud of the "6 Years & Thousands of tears" that brought her to this day.

I feel like she needs the shirt that says #Shepersisted!

So, Congratulations once again to Tanya R Fines
Elementary Teacher!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Moving right along

For the first time in recent memory I've been making headway on "Lists."
I say I'm not going to make anymore because I never do the things on them and
also because I overbook myself!

Yesterday, after Ethan went home I put house numbers up on the post.
I now see that shadows from the tree make it so they aren't really visible, sigh.
Don't care.
Love the numbers themselves and they "float"!
I finished up all but two pots of flowers-might do those tomorrow.
Still can't set them in their summer homes as it is quite cool-although not freezing-at
night and so WINDY!
Windy enough that I haven't been walking-causes too much allergy problems.
I can't take my allergy meds as they dry out my eyes.
Had to make a trip to the eye doc last week due to pain in the left eye and the feeling that my vision was getting worse, not better.
All caused by super dry and irritated eyes.
She is going to "plug me up" next week.
Who knew that eyes had drains for excess tear production?
Mine must work REALLY well!
She also told me to go buy some readers-which I did and it is so much better not struggling to see well enough to read.
She tells me my eyes will continue to improve even though I'm using them but I might need them some of the time.

Today, I replaced the doorbell.
I can actually hear it now!  Ding-dong!
Bit of touch up paint needed there.
Organized the totes that go to the trailer, as well.
Attempted to change the keypad code on the garage door but that didn't go so well-will have to try again.  Except the keypad might not work!
Topped off the past days with laundry, housework and getting the "H" quilt top sewn together.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Busy, I think!

It's been a week or so since my last post, I've been busy.

The 8th grade talks (1000 or so 8th graders-over 7 days most days 6 talks per day) ended week before last,  38 talks-I began having trouble remembering what I told each group!  I usually got home about 2, exhausted.  Too tired to even go up to the studio, much less sew.

Then, on the last day of talks, I was home resting-nearly voiceless-when Ethan's day care called and wanted me to come get him.  They have recently closed the unit in the same building as his special needs preschool and although they assured Beth and Lucas that the same workers would be there that was not the case.  Ethan couldn't adjust or they couldn't adjust to Ethan (that's my take on it.)  So, after two weeks of this pick him up he can't come back for x number of days Beth really wanted to keep him out of that space.  For the rest of April and May she will take him to preschool, I will pick him up and keep him until 2 or so.  She works from home but she has to have time without him there!  Some days I will keep him longer, depending on what they need and what I have going on.  I decided that I would go early to get him and get in a walk.  The preschool is inside a huge park and there are two walking/biking loops, I've been taking the one that's about 2 miles for now.  Really need to get this in and haven't been happy with the walks near the house.  Anyway, the two things combined take a chunk out of   the day!

The past couple of days I have been potting up the plants I bought last week, and fixing them to go in and out of the garage until the weather has settled.  It has been VERY windy!  Eventually, even the succulents will go out on the patio.

Four tomato plants, five pepper plants and some herbs. There are some flowers as well but they aren't ready for photos!

Of course it wouldn't be a project of mine without  a slight disaster!   Both planters of cilantro few out of the wagon and well, you can see.

After  cleaning up my mess I hauled the  big, heavy ladder out and painted the post on the front stoop.
Tomorrow, house numbers go up!

Then the ladder came inside to change lightbulbs, not quite finished with that.  It always happens that every bulb in the house burns out once you've move in!

I did manage some sewing!  The "H" quilt in progress, only two more rows to sew then sew the rows together for a top.  I'm having trouble finding more of the grunge fabric in colors that I like for borders-so will have to haul it about to quilt shops.


I also finished two of these machine mats.  This is mine the other is somewhere in Australia along with some other gifties.  It is apparently lost, sigh.  Which will teach me never to send international mail through UPS!  Terrible experience.  Forced the address into the US format who knows if we'll ever find it!  Tomorrow, I'll be off to the US Postal Service to begin tracing it-think it's a long shot at the moment.

Blogger is behaving badly so I"m off!